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I help drummers who are frustrated, stuck, and distracted to become laser focused, goal oriented, and successful. 


90% of drummers have bought stacks of drum books but have no idea what to practice.   

I coach drummers how to lay out a clear path to success and I keep you accountable and focused along the way.

Whether you're getting ready for a college audition/placement audition or wanting to improve your hand technique or learn how to get paid in the music business, I can help you.  I've helped thousands of students over the past 30+ years and I know how to get you results you want.

You can purchase online courses, attend live online seminars, attend drum clinics in the Colorado Springs, CO area or you can also study privately either online or in person at our drum school in Monument, CO.


Join us at The Drum Set Coach Academy
for a special drum clinic with
Isac Jamba

Need Help With Your Upcoming Audition?

After administering hundreds of auditions, I kept seeing students with similar problems. No one was adequately preparing them for auditions. A lot of them were expected to do it all on their own or their teacher didn't have the insight to know what to help them with. I developed this course to help drummers know what to expect in an audition and to adequately prepare.


Dec 4 - The Drum Set Coach Academy Awards Night - Student Of The Quarter 4 AND Student Of The Year - 7:00pm

Henrique De Almeida &
The Truth Project Band

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The Ultimate Hand Technique Book

A complete hand technique development course: • Learn the simplest and fastest way to develop better technique with t...

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The Moeller Technique Book

The materials contained in this book were originally compiled to be used in conjunction with my online video lessons,...

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Polyrhythmic Possibilities Book

This book contains a vast collection of snare drum solos, drum set etudes and technical exercises that will help you ...

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Polyrhythmic Possibilities Vol. 2

This book presents new dimensions of time with advanced rhythmic concepts.  Mastering this book will strengthen your ...

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Brazilian Rhythms Play Alongs and Charts

$10.00 USD

This Brazilian Rhythms package includes 10 charts and tracks with and without drums. Styles include samba de batucada...

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Intro to Afro-Caribbean Rhythms for the Drum Set

$10.00 USD

This includes play along tracks in the styles of: Afro Cuban 6/8MamboCha Cha ChaSongoConga & MozambiqueAnd a BONUS Ja...

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Self-paced. Lifetime access once you purchase a course.

The 26 American Rudiments Course

Learn The 26 American Rudiments by family.  You can practice with the videos anytime.    This will move you forward i...

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Polyrhythmic Possibilities Course

The materials contained in this course were originally compiled to be used in conjunction with my live private drum s...

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Beyond the Moeller Technique Course

The materials contained this course were complied to be used in conjunction with my private drum instruction, drum se...

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Extensions From The Teachings of Alan Dawson Course

John Ramsay (Berklee College of Music Professor) takes you through some of Alan Dawson's most important teachings and...

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Bonus Extensions From The Teachings of Alan Dawson, Presented by Henrique De Almeida

Increase your coordination, reading, flow, speed and much more.  Henrique De Almeida will walk you through several ex...

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Hand Technique Online Course Part 1 & 2

This is a hand technique development course designed to be 12 weeks and here are a few things you'll get out of this ...

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Omar Hakim

Henrique De Almeida is a master at designing drum set educational materials that are both challenging and informative. He has the gift of being able to impart foundational concepts with clarity, while maintaining a focused direction that will deliver positive results to drummers at many levels of study. Inspiring!

Billy Cobham

Henrique De Almeida shows strong direction and leadership in his approach to playing the drums. This is a trait that can be passed on to those who choose to abide by his opinions and direction as a consultant and teacher.

John Ramsay

Henrique has quickly become one of the most respected and requested teachers in the Berklee College of Music Percussion Department. In many ways, he is the model and prime example of the Artist/Educator.

Kenwood Denard

Henrique De Almeida is a very accomplished and virtuosic percussionist, and he is a man with HEART!  Not only does he have his Brazilian tradition but also really understands what we are doing in America.  He is also a master of Polyrhythms!"

Henrique De Almeida

Music Director, The Drum Set Coach Academy

Professor, Berklee College of Music

This coach is for REAL! 

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