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Bonus Extensions From The Teachings of Alan Dawson, Presented by Henrique De Almeida


From The Teachings of Alan Dawson

Henrique De Almeida - PASIC Clinic 2018


Brazilian Extensions

Lesson 1:  Brazilian Samba 5-Ways

Lesson 2:  Connecting The Brazilian Samba 5-Ways

Lesson 3:  Brazilian Baiao 3-Ways

Lesson 4:  Reading Rhythms/Samba With Brushes


Afro-Cuban Extensions

Intro Solo

Lesson 1:  Songo Extensions

Lesson 2:  Afro-Cuban 6/8 & Mambo Extensions


Pop Rock Extensions

11 Pop Rock Extensions


Hand Technique Extensions

Hand Technique Intro

Lesson 1:  Developing Single Stroke Rolls

Lesson 2:  Developing Double Stroke Rolls

Lesson 3:  Developing The Ruff

Lesson 4:  Developing The Flam Paradiddles

Lesson 5:  Diddle Combinations Possibilities

Lesson 6:  Developing Accented Buzz Rolls

Lesson 7:  Rolling With Accents

Hand & Foot Development Extensions

Lesson 1:  Hand & Foot 6-Ways Triple Feel

Lesson 2:  Reading Rhythms with the Hand & Foot 6-Ways - Triple Feel

Lesson 3:  Hand & Foot 6-Ways - Improvisation - Triple Feel

Lesson 4:  Hand & Foot Rolls 6-Ways - Duple Feel

Lesson 5:  Reading Rhythms with the Hand & Foot 6-Ways - Duple Feel

Lesson 6:   Hand & Foot 6-Ways - Improvisation -Duple Feel

Lesson 7:  Solo in Duple  & Triple Feel #1

Lesson 8:  Solo in Duple & Triple Feel #2


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