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Polyrhythmic Possibilities Course

The materials contained in this course were originally compiled to be used in conjunction with my live private drum set instruction and other classes that I teach at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA.  The book, Polyrhythmic Possibilities, will serve as an organized and compact resource to be used as an introduction of certain advanced rhythmic concepts for the intermediate and advanced drum set students.  

This course contains a collection of snare drum solos, drum set technique exercises, coordination exercises, drum set etudes, reading, play-a-longs, and suggested listening guide.

The main purpose of the course is to present basic principles and application of Polyrhythmic ideas on the snare drum and drum set.  This book introduces the student to a small sampler of some of the most basic and fundamental materials necessary to the development of polyrhythmic execution and musical performance applications.  It is my intent and hope that by diligently studying the basic lessons presented here, the student will be able to develop the ability to:

1. Understand basic time table of ratings from 2 to 8 against one, two, three, and four beats.

2.  Navigate through odd groupings against one, two, three, and four beats.

3.  Read rhythms and utilize odd groupings against one, two, three, and four beats for time keeping, fills, and solos.



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