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Hand & Foot Technique Part I

Hand & Foot Development Part I Time Keeping Mode (Jazz, Pop/Rock)

Course Description:

This course is divided into four parts. Part I will focus on the development of the hands

and feet within the time keeping context. It provides an in-depth exploration of various

foot strokes and techniques such as: unisons, singles, doubles, sliding technique,

bursts, heel-down, heel-up, leg-stroke, hybrid-strokes, feathering the bass drum and

more. Students will have a chance to start practicing new concepts with the hi-hat as

well and learn techniques such as: splashing, swishing, heel-toe, heel-up, heel down,

step-hit, and other techniques.

This course shows the students how to understand, develop and apply the different

techniques of hands and feet as they change functions according to the Pop/Rock and

Jazz style of music they want to play. Interplay between snare drum and bass will be

introduced, then interplay between the hi-hat and snare drum as well as other

possibilities. This course takes the students through various time-keeping exercises

designed to develop and strength and improve foot speed, power, and control while at

the same time offering the flexibility for the use of fluidity and control with softer


The course explores various uses of hands and feet with a wide range of drumming

styles, providing demonstrations and detailed explanations of some of the most basic

and important hand & foot skills every drummer must have.

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this course, students will have improved their

hands & feet technical and coordination ability, speed and dexterity as well as a greater

understanding of the musical function of hands & feet in relation to contrasting

drumming styles. This course will also provide a significant increase in coordination, a

skill that is of the most importance in chart reading and drum set reading.

Students will also have an increased awareness of feet position on the bass drum and

hi hat footboards. Students will have a clear path to development of several pedaling

techniques. These new musical, conceptual and technical skills combined with the

understanding of how and when to use them, will translate into the student having a

specific hand & foot skillset to overcome any musical challenges such as playing louder,

faster tempos, as well as softer volumes, executing accents and playing in a more

relaxed and creative manner.


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