Drum Set Coaching Sessions

Learn how to achieve your goals by learning Henrique's step-by-step plan.  Each week he will show you how to go to the next step LIVE right here.  

Over the past 20+ years, Henrique has studied with MANY great teachers.  He's taken bits and pieces from everyone he's studied with and complied a very specific and methodical approach to learning drums.  He will encourage you to build your foundation to be very strong and from there he will show you what's next.  This method works and it's been tested on thousands of students at The Berklee College of Music as well as with his private lesson students.  Henrique is very passionate about teaching and he will give 110% to help you.

Some of the topics he will cover will be Hand Technique, Hand and Foot Technique, Chart Reading, Coordination, Snare Reading, Rudiments, Double Bass, Polyrhythms, and so much more.

Starting January 6, 2018 Henrique will be doing LIVE coaching sessions 3-4pm (Boston time) right here on www.TheDrumSetCoach.com. You're able to view all previously recorded sessions for as long as you are a member. He'll answer your questions and give you strategies and tools to support you in your drumming.  

He will go over tons of information each week. Make sure you take notes!


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