Henrique De Almeida

Music Director, The Drum Set Coach Academy

Professor, Berklee College of Music

The Ultimate Hand Technique Workshop


Henrique explains what the course is about in this video. 

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New  & Improved Video Course

We have greatly improved the Hand Technique course and made it more streamlined. You will get access to weekly video lessons that we recently recorded.  These lessons go along with the book which will help you understand the material and avoid frustration.

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Complete College Course

This is the same course Henrique taught at Berklee but it comes without the exorbitant costs of room and board, tuition, fees, and parking.

You will learn:

  • The simplest and fastest way to develop better technique with the new hybrid sticking system
  • How to flawlessly express musical ideas with these techniques
  • How to develop musical phrases that make sense
  • How to play fast or slow without "glitches"
  • How to develop your musical form and flow
  • To increase your rhythmic variety by studying the improvisation exercises

More about this course: 

This course is Part 1 & 2 of a progressive four-course sequence designed to develop your fundamental drum set skills. The full course (Part 1-4) will increase your ability to play in a wider range of tempos, dynamic, and prepare you for any musical situation. That includes the ability to solo and improvise flawless, without glitches.

This course focuses on the most important hand techniques every drummer must know to perform at a professional, high-level manner. The course will provide a clear and organized way to develop, learn, practice, and maintain a high degree of hand control.

You will have access to more than 30 pre-recorded lessons.  

You can go at your own pace but make sure you master the material before you move on.

This is set up to be a 12 week course but it might take you longer to go through everything. 

Enrollment for the 16 week semester course will be every January, May and September. Make sure you're subscribed to our emails so you know when to enroll.

Key Benefits

Upon completion of this course you will now have the ultimate practice routine that will allow you to stay focused when practicing. You will gain a tremendous amount of hand technique facility in different tempos and subdivision including polyrhythmic concepts. You will also gain power, speed, control, and high-level hand dexterity. 

You will have widened your repertoire of rhythmic subdivision, and will have acquired a tremendous number of different ways to play simple and complex rhythms. This will increase your overall technique and ability to “flow.” 

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