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This is the FIRST audition & college prep online course from a Berklee Percussion Professor.  EVER!  There is nothing out there like it and it's the most comprehensive of its type.

During my 10+ years at Berklee College of Music, I auditioned several hundred, if not a couple thousand, drummers.  That's a LOT of auditions....Auditions for college acceptance, college scholarships, 5 Week Program scholarships and Showcase auditions.  I auditioned people for ensemble placements, mid-terms, finals, and lots more. 

I kept seeing the same problems:

  • they didn't have a prepared piece
  • they didn't know the styles or how to present them
  • they didn't know how to read snare drum music
  • they didn't know how to read and interpret charts
  • they didn't know how to use brushes 
  • they didn't have good basic hand technique

Sooo....I created a checklist for my own students to help them better prepare for their auditions and sure enough, it worked.  Every. Time! 

Everyone who went through this list and practiced consistently got A's on their mid-terms and finals. 

100% of my students who I prepared for college entrance auditions got accepted.  100%!!  Most of them got scholarship monies, too.  

A year ago my wife, Erika and I thought "we gotta help more people than just those who come to Berklee!"  There is a definite NEED for this.  So, we had the idea to create a course that would help drummers have more successful auditions.   I have seen it all throughout my 11 year career at Berklee and I have figured out exactly what every drummer needs to know in order to ace their audition.

Topics covered in the course:

  1. The 26 American Rudiments
  2. Basic Hand Technique
  3. Snare Drum Reading (Orchestral and Rudimental)
  4. Coordination & Rhythmic Interpretation 
  5. Chart Reading
  6. Jazz Styles (Ballad, Waltz, Swing, Brushes)
  7. Afro-Cuban Styles (6/8, Mambo, Songo, Soca/Calypso, Reggae)
  8. Brazilian Grooves & Styles (Bossa Nova, Samba, Baiao)
  9. Pop/Rock Grooves & Styles (Rock, Blues Shuffle, 1/2 Time Shuffle, Funk, New Orleans)
  10. Playing musical phrases and song forms
  11. How to select your prepared piece
  12. Showcase your strengths
  13. How to present all of the styles at your audition

This course covers every aspect of the drum set audition process

You'll get:

  • Unlimited access to 60+ Video Lessons
  • 5+ Hours of instruction ($625 value!)
  • 10 Crash Courses for drummers

This has been proven to be helpful for:

  • Berklee 5 Week Showcase Auditions and Showcase Callback Auditions

  • Berklee Groove School Weekend Auditions

  • Berklee Percussion Week Auditions

  • Berklee 5 Week Program Scholarship & Placement Auditions

  • Berklee Entering Auditions (college acceptance)

  • Berklee Placement Auditions

  • Berklee Ensemble Auditions

  • Berklee Semesters 1,2, & 3 Mid-Term and Final Exams


Who is Henrique De Almeida?

Berklee Professor for 10 years

Auditioned Hundreds of Students

30+ Years of Teaching Experience

Published Author

Drum Set Artist & Clinician

Berklee College of Music Graduate

Bachelor in Jazz Composition

Masters in Percussion Performance

Air Force Academy Band 13 years


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