Hand & Foot Technique Workshop

Henrique De Almeida

Professor at Berklee College of Music

Over 30 years of teaching experience


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Henrique will provide an in-depth exploration of various foot stroke techniques and exercises.


This seminar was designed to help solve hand and foot coordination problems and strengthen the sound quality of grooves.


This material will also improve foot speed, power and control.

"Henrique De Almeida shows strong direction and leadership in his approach to playing the drums. This is a trait that can be passed on to those who choose to abide by his opinions and direction as a consultant and teacher."

Billy Cobham
Legendary Jazz Fusion Drummer

"Henrique has quickly become one of the most respected and requested teachers in the Berklee College of Music Percussion Department. In many ways, he is the model and prime example of the Artist/Educator."

John Ramsay
Former Percussion Department Chairman, Berklee College of Music

"Henrique De Almeida is a master at designing drum set educational materials that are both challenging and informative. He has the gift of being able to impart foundational concepts with clarity, while maintaining a focused direction that will deliver positive results to drummers at many levels of study. Inspiring!"

Omar Hakim
Madonna, Journey, Miles Davis


This has been the most highly requested seminar.

We have had so many people ask when Henrique will do the follow up to the Ultimate Hand Technique Workshop and it is finally time!  

Henrique will help you develop a system to strengthen your hand and foot technique by showing you specific exercises that actually work!  He will show you tips on how to sync your hi-hat and bass drum so you sound like a million bucks.  By the end of this seminar, you will know exactly what to do with your hands and feet when you practice each day.

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  • This seminar will be online on May 25 at 2pm. You won't see this material anywhere else.  
  • If you're not able to make the seminar at 2pm that day, we will have the replay up for 48 hours.

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This seminar will only be available in May 25, 2019


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